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Several ministries and foundations have asked iProjects Inc. to supply low cost, quality New Testaments and Bibles for free distribution to their meeting participants and/or partners.

Through a unique agreement with the World Bible Translation Center iProjects Inc. have access to Easy to Read New Testaments and Bible texts in 36 languages and are licensed to produce them for free distribution, AT ‘COST’. This means that an evangelistic organization, for instance, can order any quantity of Easy to Read New Testaments or Bibles from iProjects Inc., pay just what it will cost to print and ship them and then distribute them to new believers at their own meetings. This unique partnership between WBTC and iProjects Inc. has been agreed as a means to further ‘seed’ the Word of God whilst putting quality Bibles and New Testaments in the hands of those in the field, for the lowest possible price.

Translated from the original languages, this version of the Bible has been prepared especially for people who want a translation that accurately expresses the full meaning of the original Hebrew and Greek texts, but does so in a simple style that is clear and easy to understand. It is ideally suited for those who may have limited experience in the language of Bible that they are reading or is perhaps a new believer and is designed to help such people overcome or avoid the most common obstacles to reading with understanding.

Under the agreement that we have with WBTC, because distributors are essentially purchasing the Bibles or New Testaments AT COST, the wording ‘NOT FOR SALE’ must be tastefully printed/foiled in the language of the bible on the front cover of each and every finished copy. All Bibles and New Testaments produced by iProjects Inc. using WBTC texts cannot be sold, traded, exchanged or used in any way that would generate financial gain or reward.

Bible Production FAQ

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