The Greatest Miracle Evangelism Follow-up Booklet
Greatest Miracle Booklet, Evangelist, Gospel Campaign, Follow-up, Salvation

   “Beloved members of the CfaN team… they are a vital part in the ongoing harvest of souls”.

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

During the last twenty-two years our staff have been responsible for the translation, origination, printing, shipping and distribution of over Eighty Six MillionNow that you are Saved’ new believer follow-up booklets in 56 languages for Christ for all Nations, the Soul-Winning ministry of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.

These booklets, printed in 25 countries and shipped by the container load to great gospel campaigns around the world, are a vital component in every CfaN Gospel campaign and have become the corner stone of the ministry’s follow-up system and the vital link between the campaign and the local church.

Realizing the importance of a solid, tried and tested follow-up mechanism in their own work, other evangelists and ministries approached iProjects seeking advice on how they too could produce and print similar low-cost follow-up material for distribution to new believers in their outreach initiatives. The iProjects team, together with two ex members of the CfaN team and campaign organizers, Rob Birkbeck of USA and Evangelist John Fergusson of New Zealand, wrote and produced an entirely new and generic follow-up booklet entitled, ‘The Greatest Miracle’ for use in soul-winning initiatives everywhere. Now, with over Two Million copies in print, these new booklets are being used to record salvation decisions in many nations.

The key element in each Greatest Miracle booklet is a two-part, carbonless decision card fixed into the back of each booklet. The top part is fixed and remains in th e booklet with the new believer, the bottom part, printed on card, is removable and after being completed by the counselors, goes to the local church for follow-up.

Greatest Miracle Booklets are available in a number of languages or can be specially translated into a one of a number of leading foreign languages. This translation service is generally US$2,500 per language but as a service to soul-winning ministries, this work is free of charge with orders of 100,000 booklets or more.

Booklets are 210mm x 118mm (approx 8¼” x 4½”), have a glossy plastic laminated cover over full color on bright white card, 32 text pages and two decision card pages. The booklets are plastic shrink-wrapped in bundles of 100, with 400 copies packed into labeled, double-corrugated cardboard cartons, taped down, double plastic banded and ready for export. They have been specially packed for handling and distribution in rough conditions and are made with quality materials for extended shelf life in tropical conditions.

Orders of 100,000 copies or more can be specially imprinted on the back cover with the name and logo of your ministry at no extra charge. Quotations and time lines can be provided for production and shipping to any destination, live samples are available and can be mailed out upon request.

To receive a printed sample copy of The Greatest Miracle free of charge Click here.

To see a PDF of the English language Greatest Miracle Click here.
To see a PDF of the French language Greatest Miracle Click here.

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Greatest Miracle, Evangelism, Gospel Outreach, Altar Call, Salvation, Crusade, Decision
China Printing, Greatest Miracle, Follow-up, Believer, Salvation, Evangelism
Greatest Miracle Booklet, New Believer, Gospel Campaign, Follow-up, Salvation
Greatest Miracle Follow-up Booklets, Gospel Campaign, Gospel Crusade, Evangelist
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